How to Karaoke With Confidence

Have you always wanted to karaoke but never felt confident enough to take the stage? If so, you are like thousands of other karaoke lovers. It is okay to be nervous, but you shouldn’t let your nerves get in the way of some good, honest, healthy fun. Continue reading to learn some tips that will give you the confidence you need to let loose and karaoke the night away!

Karaoke Night at Sports Page! Saturday 10PM

Karaoke Night at Sports Page! Saturday 10PM

Gather a Group of Friends

Karaoke would be more intimidating if you didn’t have other friends doing it with you. So be sure to gather a few others that are willing to karaoke with you. Not only does this give you moral support in the audience, it helps you relax and reminds you that it’s okay to be goofy!

Choose a Song You Know

A good way to bomb on the karaoke stage is to not know all the words of the song. To have absolute confidence on stage, be sure to choose a song that you know all the lyrics to. This way, you won’t be forced to awkwardly stare at the teleprompter for the duration of the song. Also, when you choose a song you know all the words to, you have more fun singing and performing.

Take Your Turn Before You Drink Too Much

Sure, karaoke definitely goes hand-in-hand with alcohol; but if you do not want to bomb on your first try at the stage, you might want to take your turn before you get too drunk. A song is much better sung without slurred words! And you don’t want to get sick or fall off the stage either!

Wait For a Big Crowd

Karaoke is more fun when there is a big crowd. It is also less intimidating. Can you imagine performing karaoke for the first time with just a few people in the room? It would feel like all the focus is on you. If you are trying karaoke for the first time, wait until the crowd is big. This will make you feel much more comfortable on stage.

Understand That People Who Boo are Insecure Bullies

This is not a competition, it is just good old karaoke fun. So do not fear being booed on the karaoke stage! Anyone who boos someone is just a bully, which means you are a much cooler and better person than them. This alone should give you confidence. And remember, everyone else in the bar will think that person is a jerk too! If someone boos you, they are an idiot.

Now you are ready to give karaoke a try this weekend! Remember, it looks like so much fun because it is so much fun!

Where Should You Go For Karaoke Night?

Sports Page Lounge Indianapolis, Indiana

Sports Page Lounge

How about the Sports Page Lounge located off of Pendleton Pike and 465! We host karaoke night this Saturday, September 16! Come join us and all our friends with some karaoke fun! We also serve the coldest drinks in Indy, along with a comprehensive menu of appetizers, salads, sandwiches, burgers, pizza, and more! Call us anytime at 317-897-7449 to ask about our upcoming events, activities, and menu specials. We open early and close late!

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