A Unique and Refreshing Beer Cocktail Recipe for Spring

Cold Beer at Sports Page Lounge!

Cold Beer at Sports Page Lounge!

France calls it a French Monaco; but here in the states, we simply know it as a sweet and tart springtime beer cocktail! This uniquely delicious recipe is a treat for both men and women who love a good lager.

Continue reading to learn this tasty recipe, and give it a try the next time you crave something cold and carbonated!

Understanding the Ingredients

There are 3 primary ingredients that make a proper French Monaco. These can be altered and adjusted to taste, or depending on what you have on hand; however, if you have a chance to make a batch from scratch, it is best prepared with the traditional ingredients. These include lemonade, lager, and grenadine.

Although you can use any style lager and the common red syrup you used to put in your Shirley Temples, it is meant to be constructed with a top-shelf lager and a premium grenadine made from real pomegranates. The French prefer Stella Artois®, which is also the recommended lager to use for this recipe. And as for the grenadine, it is recommended to use a real pomegranate syrup, such as the one made by Liber & Co.®. You may also use a different version of pomegranate syrup, but the authentic version is made with real grenadine.

What You Will Need:

2 Ounces of Lemonade (preferably made from scratch)
6 Ounces of Lager
1 Ounce of Real Grenadine
Long Bar Spoon

How to Make a French Monaco:

Start with a tall glass, such as a highball glass or a 16 oz. beer mug.
Add 1 oz. of real grenadine to the glass.
Add 2 oz. of lemonade.
Top the glass with your lager.
Gently stir your concoction one or two times.
Garnish with a lemon wheel if you have one!

Enjoy Refreshing Cocktails and More at Sports Page Lounge!

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